IT Design focuses on technologies spanning the datacenter.


Each technology represents a unique position in the technology marketplace.  IT Design recognizes that and leverages each to meet customer requirements.  Along with commercially supported options, IT Design can also leverage community supported open source software.  These two options provide customers with the greatest amount of flexibility enabling the use of both “tried and true” and cutting edge technologies.

Operating Systems architecture and maintenance 

Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux are our commercially supported operating systems.


We provide architecture, maintenance and support assistance.

  1. All server and workstation configurations
  2. Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File and Print serving
  3. Performance tuning and monitoring
  4. Updating and patching
  5. Small, medium and large business


We’ve standardized on VMware vSphere and Horizon View for commerical server and desktop virtualization.

We chose VMware to partner with for several reasons.

  1. Most reliable virtualization solution on the market.
  2. Nearly any operating system supported
  3. Massive support from the community and 3rd party vendors
  4. Continue to innovate without sacrificing flexibility and reliability
  5. Most flexible virtualization platform allowing customer choice

Standardized on Ovirt and Linux KVM as our community server virtualization platform.

We chose Ovirt and Linux KVM for several reasons.

  1. Community supported solution being leveraged by Redhat and productized by Redhat
  2. Reliable platform supporting most enterprise features offered by VMware and Redhat
  3. Engineering and development is very active
  4. 3rd party vendors support full and incremental restoring of virtual machines
  5. Underlying Linux OS provides support for nearly any hardware available

Backup and Recovery / Disaster Recovery

Unitrends Enterprise Backup is our standard platform for backup and disaster recovery.


We chose Unitrends to partner with for several reasons.

  1. Proven solutions supporting nearly any operating system (Win NT to Win 2016)
  2. Optimizations built for physical and virtual workloads
  3. Supports deduplication, replication, export to tape, USB and cloud
  4. Have small, medium and large businesses in mind
  5. Virtual, physical and appliance based solutions

Monitoring Servers, Switches and Storage

Standardized on Nagios XI and Network Analyzer for monitoring systems, switching and storage.


We chose Nagios Enterprises to partner with for several reasons.

  1. All-in-one monitoring solution for ANY component
  2. Highly customizable to monitor exactly what matters to the customer
  3. Commercial and Community support
  4. Fits perfectly in small, medium and large businesses
  5. Virtual and physical options available

Commercially supported technologies

Community supported technologies