Process: Export the DHCP configuration from server1, remove the configuration on server2 and import configuration from server1, on server2.
Note!!! This process will remove your configuration on server2, make sure you know what you’re doing.

On server1:

Export the configuration:
netsh DHCP server \\ export c:\server1-dhcp-export
Copy the file “c:\server1-dhcp-export” to server2 C:\

On server2:

Open administrator command line, stop existing DHCP server:
net stop DHCPserver

Remove current DHCP configuration:
Deleted c:\Windows\System32\DHCP\*.mdb

Start DHCP server blank configuration from administrator command line:
Run “net start DHCPserver”

Import DHCP configuration from server1:
netsh DHCP server \\ import c:\server1-dhcp-export