Leverage Experience.  Leverage Confidence.

Founded by an IT professional with over 15 years experience working in the IT industry.  This experience allows IT Design to address customer challenges in the most efficient, effective manner.

Use case: Assessments

We need assistance determining what we have and the best way to plan for the future.

Use case: Life Cycle Services

Should my environment be upgraded or rebuilt?  My staff handles the day-to-day tasks but is uncomfortable with an upgrade and has never built an environment from scratch.

Use case: Staff Assistance

Our staff is busy with other company initiatives.  We need someone competent that does not require hand-holding to prevent us from falling behind on current projects.

Use case: Design and Architecture

We need assistance with the design and architecture of our environment to size for capacity, speed, flexibility, security and redundancy.

We're here to help when you need us

Remote?  Onsite?  Yes.

We leverage technologies to enable us to always be available when you need us.

Sometimes onsite is needed, sometimes remote is.  You choose.

Yup, we’re connected.

We regularly create technology videos and content so come join us!