Low cost ISCSI storage for VMware ESXi 4.1 cluster


Sun Storagetek 2530 SAS array connected to a X4100 M2 Sun server.

RHEL 6.1 installed on X4100 M2 Sun server.

1 multipathed LUN presented to RHEL 6.1 server from 2530 storage array.

LUN presented as /dev/mapper/mpathb

Write Caching enabled on 2530 storage array


Using Yum, Install:


Enable services on boot:

chkconfig tgtd on

Configure Iscsi target:

vi /etc/tgt/targets.conf

default-driver iscsi

backing-store /dev/mapper/mpathb
allow-in-use yes # You must use this, VMware will create a partition on the disk and the Linux
#system will think it is in use. Without this the LUN will not present after a reboot

Restart the ISCSI target service:

service tgtd restart

Verify the target and LUN is properly presented:

tgt-admin -s

Target 1: iqn.2011-11.com.domain:hostname.target1
System information:
Driver: iscsi
State: ready
I_T nexus information:
LUN information:
LUN: 0
Type: controller
SCSI ID: IET 00010000
SCSI SN: beaf10
Size: 0 MB, Block size: 1
Online: Yes
Removable media: No
Readonly: No
Backing store type: null
Backing store path: None
Backing store flags:
LUN: 1
Type: disk
SCSI ID: IET 00010001
SCSI SN: beaf11
Size: 808797 MB, Block size: 512
Online: Yes
Removable media: No
Readonly: No
Backing store type: rdwr
Backing store path: /dev/mapper/mpathb
Backing store flags:
Account information:
ACL information: